Southwire 2588SW0002 Outdoor Cord-12/3 SJTW Heavy Duty 3 Prong Extension Cord-for Commercial Use (50′, Yellow), 50 Feet

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Product Description:

The Southwire 2588SW0002 Outdoor Cord is a reliable, heavy-duty extension cord designed for commercial use. With its exceptional durability and superior performance, this 50-foot yellow cord is an essential tool for professionals who require reliable power supply in demanding outdoor environments.

Built to last, the cord features a sturdy 12-gauge construction, ensuring maximum conductivity and efficient power transmission. Its SJTW weather-resistant jacket provides excellent protection against moisture, UV rays, and extreme temperatures, making it suitable for year-round use in various outdoor applications.

Equipped with three prongs, this extension cord offers a secure connection that is compatible with a wide range of devices and equipment. The three-prong design ensures a safe and reliable power transfer, reducing the risk of electrical incidents or damage to connected devices.

This heavy-duty extension cord can handle demanding tasks, making it ideal for contractors, landscapers, and other professionals in need of a reliable power supply on the job site. The ample 50-feet length provides flexibility and convenience, allowing you to reach power sources from a distance without compromising performance.

Designed with ultimate user safety in mind, the cord features a bright yellow color that enhances visibility, reducing the risk of tripping or accidental damage. The molded strain relief on both ends prevents the cord from fraying or coming loose, ensuring long-lasting performance and enhancing overall safety.

Whether you need to power tools, outdoor lighting, or other electrical equipment, trust the Southwire 2588SW0002 Outdoor Cord to deliver exceptional performance and longevity. With its heavy-duty design, weather resistance, and convenient features, this extension cord is the ideal choice for commercial use in any outdoor setting.,


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